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Favorite Photos of 2021

Before we get too far into 2022, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from 2021. I take thousands of photos every year, so it can be pretty difficult to narrow things down, but there are usually a handful of photos I'm particularly happy with or that are just memorable for one reason or another.

Black and white cow close-up
Up close and personal shooting the theme of "cow" for an online photography challenge

Cow in a red barn
Hide and seek

Greyhound portrait
One of my favorite subjects, our greyhound Niles

Pink supermoon, April 2021
April's pink supermoon

Green heron flying with caught fish
Lucky catch, for me and the green heron

Yellow bellied slider
Baby yellow-bellied slider making its way through the lily pads

Squirrel with acorn
A favorite squirrel portrait with a very cooperative subject

Anhinga, a new bird for me

Better make it a double

Some photos made it to my favorites because they represented a departure from my usual style.

Carolina wren
Usually I prefer natural settings for bird photos, but I loved the color and texture of this weathered wood

Palm fronds
Playing with colors in Lightroom

Pink poppy
Pink poppy

Sometimes my favorite photos aren't the best technically or artistically, but they mean a lot to me because they marked a memorable moment or encounter.

Whitetail buck
This one wins for heart-stopping photo moment of the year, a stare-down from a majestic whitetail buck

Squirrel eating a green tomato
Garden thief enjoying a pilfered tomato

Donkey braying
A fun outtake from the "cow" theme

Best wishes for 2022!


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